This page provides you with information about our Premium anti DDoS Protection



Anti DDoS Protection / Mitigation Services

Anti DDoS Protection / Mitigation Services Game & Websites We provide DDoS protection included with any hosting service we offer

Our Protection is provided in 3 locations across the world you are 100% DDoS Protected. With this, any service you have located within our network, such as cpanel / web hosting, Virtual Servers are always protected from new threats. Raid - Anti DDoS / Firewall layer 4/7++ TCP Packet Game Website Protection Uptime 99.9% Guaranteed.

Anti DDoS protection Hosting Voxility OVH

How is your DDoS Protection ?

Your services are protected from DDoS threats of up to 500Gbps+ bandwidth, 700 Mpps UDP as well as 500 Mpps TCP packets using our  Trabia Voxility Direct connection Moldova. We provide upto 900Gbps through OVH using Anti DDoS Pro Canada North America / Anti DDoS Game in France EU.

Does it protect me from all types of DDoS attacks and even new types ?
Yes, it does. Our customized protection system detects and mitigates all known and even new types of DDoS attacks. In case of a unknown attack or it appears that an attack wasn't recognized automatically, our techs will analyze the threat and adjust the algorithms immediately. Our staff works 24/7 and monitors all traffic anomalies.
Should an attack to your service keep undiscovered by our automatic system and our staff, please open a support ticket so our staff can have a look at this traffic and help you mitigate it.

How long does it take to mitigate a attack ?
The automatic DDoS detection is real time, it detects a attack within a few seconds. After around 25 seconds, about 90% of the traffic should be mitigated through our firewalls and upstream protection, and the remaining 10% within 1 minute after a attack started. It may take longer if our techs need to manually recognize a attack and adjust the filters accordingly.

Are there any negative side effects, such as a higher latency, during an attackwhile being mitigated?
No, there should not be any. A DDoS attack is recognized by patterns. It's similar to an Anti-Spam protection for your e-mail box. You want to block all the bad spam mails, but don't want false-positives that will block real e-mails. The same is with DDoS protection. The filters try to understand which traffic is not wanted and which is real traffic, not to lock-out your real users. For this reason it might still be that during an attack a little bit of unwanted traffic will reach your service / server, but it is much lower and you can run your project with peace in mind.


What DDoS Protection does HOSTINGandVPS  use?
The mitigation system in Canada France Moldova are provided by our premium upstreams, this is another reason why you shouldn't feel any negative side effect (such as higher latency) in the case of a attack that is happening, as we do not essentially use external filtering services like many other hosting providers do.


Do you guarantee DDoS Protection?
Yes, We do all we can to mitigate an attack for you. Though in the worst case scenario if the attack really can't be mitigated in a short time, it could disturb our network on a global level and with this other clients, we would need to blackhole the destination IP, but we'll do all to avoid this situation. We successfully mitigate 1000's of  DDoS threats / attacks for our clients.