You agree not to abuse our services or use fake details, you agree that you will not use our services for anything illegal within US & UK & EU Laws.
Your services are given to you under fair use policy and we will limit users who think they can use a whole 1gbps port 24.7 etc.
We do not accept EU customers though we can not stop you using our services.

You agree to solve any issues via hostingandvps.com only and any disputes or issues raised outside of hostingandvps will void your claim.

NO TOR NETWORKS OR TOR EXITS - NO ABUSIVE CPU APPS Eg: (CAMFROG,Badly scripted mods) - NO GAME DATABASES using cPanel web hosting - NO ILLEGAL USAGE IS ALLOWED - NO STRESS TESTING OR PORT SCANNING - NO TORRENTS OR ILLEGAL FILE SHARING - NO DDoS Tests - You will not use our services to do anything illegal - You will not use our services to cause problems with other services nodes servers hosts or individuals - You agree not to be refunded when found to be abusing our services - You agree to use our services in a civil manner and respect the laws of UK.

These terms will be updated from time to time any changes made apply.

Your Privacy is important to us and we will never share or sell your data to any 3rd party.
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